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LuLu is a Hybrid mix of a British Shorthair, Munchkin and Scottish Fold. He is the 7th member from a South Korean cat channel called Cream Heroes.


LuLu is a brown-coated Hybrid cat, with darker stripes on the fur. And unlike the other cats, he has a raccoon tail. He also has a disease involving his breed mix, where one of his parents was a British Shorthair (father) and a Scottish Fold/Munchkin (mother), which died sadly.


LuLu is a very mischievous cat. He also is a glutton, lunging for whatever treats he can find. He also has fond of grooming, but during the middle of grooming a cat, if it gets too excessive, that cat will feel uncomfortable and walk away from LuLu. Whenever his owner (Claire) is shown to be voice-acting LuLu, he will sound like a high-pitched girl voice. He was originally shown to be the youngest of the cats until Claire brought in a mother cat, with two kittens. He has very little legs due to his Munchkin heritage. His enemies are DD (elder brother) and CoCo (2nd big brother).


  • “Hi! I’m LuLu!“ (LuLu’s catchphrase whenever he shows up)
  • ”I’ll be a happy and brave cat!” (When his disease was shown)
  • ”Hi! I’m LuLu! It’s gonna rain today!“ (LuLu in one of Cream Heroes’ intros)
  • ”I regret nothing.” (LuLu when he got taken away right after eating MoMo’s food)
  • ”LuLu never quits! Go, Shiny Magic Mouth!” (LuLu when he forced open the lounge room door)


  • LuLu is a Hybrid mix of a British Shorthair, Munchkin and Scottish Fold. Due to this kind of breed mix, his father was a British Shorthair while his mother was both a Scottish Fold and Munchkin Hybrid mix.
  • LuLu was originally the 7th and youngest member of Cream Heroes until Claire brought in a mother cat, with her two kittens, ToTo and DoDo, who now became the regular youngest members of Cream Heroes.
  • LuLu loves ChuChu, but ChuChu doesn’t remember what feelings LuLu is trying to express.
  • LuLu has a hereditary disease that affects his joints. This is caused by his unhealthy Hybrid mix of both Munchkin and Scottish Fold genes, where extra mobility was required of a Munchkin put too much strain on the softer cartilage characteristic of a Scottish Fold cat, causing it to weaken and degenerate at an early age, leading to joint pain and eventually severe arthritis. His owner made a video before explaining how this is an unethical practice, and should be discouraged due to the detrimental effect it will have on the cat’s health.
  • LuLu doesn’t respond to any name but nyam-nyam, indicating how food-driven he is.
  • LuLu eats anything that he likes but refuses to eat lemons and black tiger shrimp.
  • Unlike the other cats, he has a bushy raccoon-shaped tail.
  • As of 9th August, 2020, LuLu weighs 2.9kg (6.4Ib).
  • LuLu has a fear of getting groomed by hairbrushes.